My work and me

I live off grid in a little stone former shepherds house in the middle of a forest in southern France with my family and our animals.

My studio is on the garden surrounded by trees and overlooked by mountains beyond which is the mediterranean sea.

It’s a great place to live and to work and a huge source of inspiration for my work.

I came to ceramics following a career in spacial design. Maybe it’s the discipline and practicalities of designing functional spaces which has steered my ceramic work towards the utilitarian.

I love the vessel form. The simplicity and perfection of a well thrown vessel is sometimes enough, but I’m an embellisher. I throw the vessels to be used as a type of podium for my sculptures.

My routine includes walking the dogs before breakfast through the forest. It’s often here where the seeds of new ideas begin to evolve.

When I get home to my studio, I will sketch out the ideas to work out if I actually like them or not. The ones not discarded will be worked on in porcelain and occasionally the idea will be improved over several weeks and become a final piece.

I never use moulds in my work, which means each piece is a one off.

I throw the vessels on my potters wheel in porcelain, and hand make the sculptures.

My work is available from a few carefully selected galleries and stores, or you can commission a piece directly with me.

our mountain view
Our spectacular view on a clear day.


dogs in the car
Taking the dogs for a walk, or is it just a drive?


The shed
My working space, the shed.