Kathryn Oldfield Ceramics

My name is Kathryn Oldfield and I’m a ceramic artist. I work predominantly white porcelain. 

I never use moulds in my work, which means each piece is a one off.

I throw the vessels on my potters wheel in porcelain, and hand make the sculptures.

My work is available from a few carefully selected galleries and stores, or you can commission a piece directly with me. Do get in touch via the contact page.


My New Arrivals in London.

My new pieces, (click here) which I designed and hand made last year, then sent to the UK in early January, have finally arrived safely at their destination in London at Scmid McDonagh Gallery 18 Church Street, St John’s Wood. The new BREXIT import and export regulations have caused months of delay and anguish and I can now sleep easy with the knowledge of their safe arrival. Phew!  As always, I am so happy to see my work hanging amongst ScmidMcDonagh’s beautifully curated collection.

snails mirror round

This work has been a wander down a new avenue. It is not totally off piste, as the style is identifiably mine. I have worked with a combination of familiar themes, from corals and leaves to animals, and in doing so have created something new and exciting though still recognisable as my work. Each element is a one off and created as always by hand. They are then brought together in a carefully arranged grouping as a mirror frame.

This strange year has allowed me the time to be brave and pause for thought. It has seen me escape into my studio for even longer periods than usual, and to be able to develop a new technique and a whole different direction. As always with new ideas, there has been much trial and error.

The countryside where I live has been a great help during this period of isolation with my family and I are nestled in the forest away from the world. We are in the company of our three dogs, three cats and all the wild pigs and other forest creatures who are bold enough to risk being deafened by a howling basset hound. The frogs are croaking, the lavender is blooming, the music is blaring and all the signs of spring in Provence are filling the air.

Here in France we are facing another lockdown together with the knowledge that we will miss our friends and family, but with the healing powers the forest has to offer outside our door. From its canopied walks with the penetrating daggers of sunlight, to its hideaways and secret mossy nooks. Perfumed fresh air, spirit lifting yellow bursts of fluffy mimosa amongst the greens and browns and in the clearings the hazy lilac of the rosemary which is alive with bees.

Cancelled exhibitions this year and last have been a blow, but I have been buoyed by lovely people who have commissioned pieces or bought from the collection I have in my studio. Thank you all!!

My new pieces can be bought or commissioned directly from www.schmidmcdonagh.com. I hope you love them.

A small selection of my work is currently available at:

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The shed rabbit




About Me

I live off grid in a little stone former shepherds house in the middle of a forest in southern France with my family and our animals.

My studio is on the garden surrounded by trees and overlooked by mountains beyond which is the mediterranean sea.

Its a great place to live and to work and a huge source of inspiration for my work.

I came to ceramics following a career in spacial design. Maybe it’s the discipline and practicalities of designing functional spaces which has steered my ceramic work towards the utilitarian.

I love the vessel form. The simplicity and perfection of a well thrown vessel is sometimes enough, but I’m an embellisher. I throw the vessels to be used as a type of podium for my sculptures.

My routine includes walking the dogs before breakfast through the forest. It’s often here where the seeds of new ideas begin to evolve.

When I get home to my studio, I will sketch out the ideas to work out if I actually like them or not. The ones not discarded will be worked on in porcelain and occasionally the idea will be improved over several weeks and become a final piece.

I never use moulds in my work, which means each piece is a one off.

I throw the vessels on my potters wheel in porcelain, and hand make the sculptures.

My work is available from a few carefully selected galleries and stores, or you can commission a piece directly with me.https://vimeo.com/492817109/b2d6268130

For Sale

Buy directly from the Gallery

Currently available from  Schmid McDonagh in London. 

Box Hedge Oval Mirror

Aprox. Height 700mm
PorcelainBox Hedge Oval Mirror

Round Snail Mirror

Aprox. 400mm diameter.
Porcelainsnails mirror round

Circular Coral Mirror

Aprox. 400mm diameter
Porcelaincoral round mirror

Rectangle Coral Mirror

Aprox. 330mm x 260mm
Porcelainrectangle coral mirror


Currently available from Cluster London  Art Fairs.

Bulbus Coral Pods


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Bulbus Coral Pods

Aprox 25cm
Aprox 4kg

Tentacled Urchin


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On Vessel Podium
Aprox 35cm
Aprox 2kg

Currently available from  Mekanova Gallery in Cannes.  

Rat Lid Vase 


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Hare Lid Vase


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Round Snail Mirror


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